Art Marbella 2015

Art/Marbella  (

will  celebrate  its  first  edition  between

July  30 and  August  3  at

Palacio  de  Ferias,  Congresos  y  Exposiciones  de  Marbella.

Art/Marbella  will  have  a  space  dedicated  to

institutions, including  theContemporary  Art  Museum

Antonio  Domínguez de Haro in Almuñécar (Granada)

Antonio Domínguez de Haro

was born in 1928 in Granada,

in the beautiful tropical coast of Almuñécar in Spain.

At the early age of 16 years old, he presented his first exhibition

in Spain with sixty six works expressing his early interest

on submarine landscaping…

Dominguez de Haro is considered the pioneer

of underwater paintings and Organic Art.

Oceans of the world are connected to form a one world ocean. Haro

Ursula Salvador, Pia Rubio y Tony Domínguez de Haro at

the stand of Antonio Domínguez de Haro in Art Marbella.

Gunilla von Bismarck fan of the artist, shows the artist’s catalog

with Isabel Dominguez de Haro

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