Heralded as a national treasure of  Spain, with an avenue and a museum named for him in Granada, the 87-year old artist has spent over 70 years capturing and painting the beauty and lyricism of the flora and fauna of the deep seas – giving a fantastical glimpse into the mysterious world  under water at a time when it was not as accessible as it is today. Painting from a visual and sense-oriented snapshot of the marine life he observed, Dominguez de Haro´s renditions are unique, layered with memory and imagination.

Most recently, Dominguez de Haro´s paintings have emerged with a more intense visión tempered by compassion and sensitivity- this time with a lens on his interior life. Profoundly affected by a life-altering event, Dominguez de Haro delved into the majestic seas and oceans and renders that world with a meticulous and holistic approach to painting, inspiring conservation of the earth and oceans through his work.